Episode 66, with guests Don Baer and Jeffrey Goldberg

Don Baer and Jeffrey Goldberg are our guests this week.
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This week: The Boss.

Al Gore and Don Baer

Don Baer, once my boss at the Clinton White House, was last month named the new boss of Burson-Marsteller, the global communications giant. It’s a move that puts him in the driver’s seat of a firm that shapes public opinion in every corner of the world. Don’s career, which began as a lawyer, moved into journalism, and then government and entertainment, has often been as the consigliore, dispensing sage advice behind the scenes. Now he’s finally in front of the curtain at Burson, returning to our show, and joining me for another tour global Polioptics (Don first appeared on Polioptics about a year ago on Episode 27).

And in the second segment of our show, two very different kinds of bosses.

Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen is in the midst of a blockbuster world tour with the E Street Band. One of his biggest fans, current New Jersey boss Chris Christie, recently took in one of his shows in Newark – by his count, the 129th time he’s watched Springsteen play. You’d think these two sons of New Jersey would be fast friends, but it’s a story of unrequited love. Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, usually its prolific chronicler of all things Middle East, tagged along with the governor and offered readers a story of a man who might be vice president, but who really just wants to jam with the man.

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