Episode 76, with guests Mark Bowden, Nathaniel Stein & Kevin Sullivan

Mark Bowden, Nathanial Stein and Kevin Sullivan our guests this week.
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This week, from our temporary perch in London, a talk with one of my favorite journalists, ever: Mark Bowden, author, of course, of Black Hawk Down, and now The Finish: The Killing of Osama Bin Laden,” which has a whopper of an excerpt in the November issue of Vanity Fair called “The Hunt for Geronimo.” There’s no one better than Bowden pursing this kind of story.

Then, as Matt Lauer would say, on a lighter note, it’s Nathaniel Stein of The New Yorker. His humor jumps off the page but it was an analytical turn on Bill Clinton that recently caught my eye. “Conversations with a teleprompter,” it was called, and it raised an issue that’s gone largely unnoticed this cycle. We’ll talk about it.

And coming in for the encore, with under three weeks to go in our great national drama, we check in with Kevin “Sully” Sullivan, White House communications director under George W. Bush and founder of Kevin Sullivan Communications. He said Paul Ryan beat Joe Biden in Kentucky. How does he think Romney fared at Hofstra, and will Obama bring is “A Game” to Boca Raton?

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