Episode 79, with guests Arun Chaudhary, Craig Minassian and Kevin Sullivan

Arun Chaudhary, Craig Minassian and Kevin Sullivan are our guests this week.
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Adam Belmar is back! Belmar went on hiatus for the past few months to offer his Polioptic assistance to the Romney-Ryan Campaign. While I feel for my friend who, as it turns out, will not put his distinctive touch on the 57th Presidential Inauguration on January 21, 2013, we are very happy to have him back in the studio.

Adam and I wanted to use this episode, as our listeners are still digesting their Thanksgiving meals and out driving around to the outlet malls to begin their holiday shopping, to gather with three of our most insightful campaign observers from the past year to take one last fond look back at 2012 and offer a peek forward to 2016.

From New York, we were joined by Craig Minassian of Minassian Media. Craig’s most recent appearance on Polioptics was in Episode 65.

Craig serves as director of Communications for Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative and helped the former president on the campaign trail both at the Democratic National Convention and in the final stretch before Election Day. In the campaign’s final days, he was on the road for President Obama in Ohio.

From Washington, we were joined by Arun Chaudhary. Arun’s most recent appearance on Polioptics was in Episode 25.

Arun joined Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign as official videographer and continued that role in the White House, the first person ever to occupy that position. He is the author of First Cameraman, which makes a great holiday gift.

From Florida, we were joined by Kevin Sullivan of Kevin Sullivan Communications. Kevin’s most recent appearance on Polioptics was in Episode 75.

Kevin served as communications director for President George W. Bush. Prior to his role in the White House, Kevin was Assistant Secretary of Education and held previous roles with NBC News and NBC Sports and began his communications career with the Dallas Mavericks. Kevin also, by the way, makes a great holiday gift.

Enjoy the conversation, shop small on Saturday and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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