PoliOptics Inaugural Snapshots

Oh the wonder of Facebook and Twitter on a day like today.  Many of our PoliOptics friends are working and here are a few of the images they’re sharing.  Wonderful behind the scenes images.  Enjoy!

@NewMediaJim – Jim Long – shares this pre-dawn view from the B Camera Platform. Jim was a guest on PoliOptics episode 84


PoliOptics producer Katherine Caperton shares this pre-dawn shot from the west front of the Capitol.


ABC News White House Producer Jon Garcia shares this sunrise shot of the presidential reviewing stand on Pennsylvania Ave. Jon is a future 2013 PoliOptics guest.


ABC News White House Producer Jon Garcia shares this shot of “all cameras up” in the pool truck at the White House-Reviewing Stand location.


And this “down the mall” shot comes from Sirius XM POTUS Host Pamela Kirckland. Notice the shade in the foreground, the sun will be high in the sky by the time President Obama takes the oath of office.


Katherine Caperton got this “money shot” from her perch on the scene for Sirius XM POTUS.


One more from @NewMediaJim – Jim Long: sunset.

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