Episode 104, with guests Stuart Connelly and Brigadier General Richard Klumpp (USAF) and guest host Matt Bennett, founder of Third Way

Stuart Connelly and Richard Klumpp are our guests this week.
with guest host Matt Bennett, co-founder of Third Way
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Our friend Matt Bennett sat in as substitute host this week, and his guests took us behind the scenes for two of the most compelling aspects of American politics. First, Stuart Connelly provided an amazing new look at Martin Luther King’s March on Washington and his “I Have a Dream” speech. Connelly, the co-author (with Clarence Jones) of “Behind the Dream,” talks about the tense days leading up to the March, with civil rights leaders literally sweating out the final days, hoping that the crowd would show up, that the money would get raised, and that the speeches would get written. On the night before the speech, Connelly explains, his co-author Jones, the road buddy, lawyer and confidant of King, went up to his room to scratch out a draft of the speech. King delivered it verbatim the next day, until prompted to change gears a bit and talk about his dream. The rest, literally, is history.

Next Matt talks to Air Force Brigadier General Richard Klumpp. Back in the 90s, when he was still a Major, Rich served as a Military Aide to Vice Presidents Gore and Cheney. Rich pulls back the curtain on those strong silent types who follow the President and Vice President everywhere to ensure the continuity of government, handle the nuclear launch codes, and take care of other security business. Klumpp tells stories from the road, the campaign and transition of 2000, and the differences between Gore and Cheney. After serving as MilAide, Klumpp changed seats on Air Force Two and took over as chief pilot for the VEEP.

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