Episode 147, with guests Kathleen Behrens, David Cornwell and Sam Marchiano

Kathleen Behrens, David Cornwell and Sam Marchiano are our guests this week.
With guest host Steve Silverman
Show produced by Katherine Caperton.
Original Air Date: April 19, 2014 on SiriusXM “POTUS” Channel 124.
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More often than ever these days, societal issues play out at the convergence of sports and politics.  By virtue of the popularity of sports, athletes, teams and leagues often stand at the forefront of some of society’s greatest challenges. Sometimes, as in the case of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson, a bold statement by a sports franchise changes the course of history. Other times sports may be late to the party, as in the welcoming of athletes from the LGBT community. Whether from the front, middle or back of the pack, sports has an extraordinary ability to impact our society. How athletes, teams and leagues engage on these issues effects communities and people around the world, while also impacting their own brands.

Today on Polioptics, we delve into these issues with three experts in the field: prominent sports attorney Wm. David Cornwell Sr., a partner in the Atlanta office of Gordon & Rees; Kathy Behrens Executive Vice President, Social Responsibility & Player Programs for the National Basketball Association, a former advisor to Governor Mario Cuomo of New York; and Sam Marchiano, a former sports reporter and currently the Director of Outreach for AthleteAlly.

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