Episode 148, with guests Barry Josephson and Arun Chaudhary

Barry Josephson and Arun Chaudhary are our guests this week.
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This week: There’s a revolution going on and there’s something rotten in Setauket!

My old friend Barry Josephson, executive producer of TURN on AMC (Sundays, 9pm East, leading into Mad Men), joins us from Los Angeles. We had AMC chief Josh Sapan on the show a few months ago, and he whet ourappetite for this Revolutionary War tale of America’s first spy ring. Three episodes into its first season, TURN is turning colonial-era storytelling on its head: this is not Barry Bostwick’s George Washington.

While the shootouts are slower to get going than Walter White’s high caliber gunslinging on Breaking Bad, the production team has learned a thing or two from The Walking Dead. Redcoat sympathizers don’t flinch when thrusting a bayonet into the chest of a near-dead rebel. This is new territory for Barry, who has thrilled us with Bones on Fox for 10 seasons and films like The Wild Wild West and Enchanted in theaters. In our conversation with Barry, we find out what it takes to bring 1776 to the small screen as never before.


* * *

In the bottom of the hour, it’s another Revolution of sorts. Our show’s longtime friend, Arun Chaudhary, the first Official White House Videographer and now at partner with Revolution Messaging in D.C., joins us to talk about “Revere,” a new revolution in rapid response, just in time for the 2014 midterms. We’ll be talking about video, technology and politics with Arun, and catch up on how President Obama’s doing without his First Cameraman.


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