Episode 119, with guests Neal Wolin and Richard Wolffe

Neal Wolin and Richard Wolffe are our guests this week.
Show produced by Katherine Caperton.
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Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin with his wife, Nicole Elkon, en route to a State Dinner at the White House

This week, exactly five years since the start of the global economic meltdown, and weeks since he turned in his government I.D., Neal Wolin, the former Deputy Treasury Secretary, joins us to reflect on his journey to the highest levels of government. It is a path that took Neal first to the CIA during Bush 41, to the White House and Treasury during the Clinton years, and back to Treasury in the Age of Obama for an encore tour. Neal accomplished plenty during Round Two. Landmark legislation was passed. The economy perked back to life.

But did Wolin and Secretary Tim Geithner git while the gittin’ was good? With questions this week looming about who will serve as the next Fed Chair and whether the GOP will force another government shut down, we’ll hear how a two-time Treasury Man sees the road from here for the president’s new economic team.

* * *

Then – The Message – Richard Wolffe has watched the evolution of Team Obama from a front row seat. His first book on Obama, Renegade: The Making of a President, was a New York Times best seller, and he followed it up with Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House. With his most recent book, he completes the tryptic, for now, with The Message: The Reselling of President Obama.  The book is the account of how the famed “no drama” campaign was, in many ways, tragic for those closest to the president. From the Prudential Building in Chicago, home of the reelect, back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where the crises never seem to ebb, we’ll ask Richard about the reselling of the president, and whether the American people are still buying his wares.

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