Episode 103, with guest Beau Willimon, show runner for Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS

Beau Willimon is our guest this week.
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On this special Memorial Day weekend edition of PoliOptics, we return to a conversation earlier this year with Beau Willimon, the executive producer and show runner of Netflix’s smash sensation HOUSE OF CARDS, starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara and a spectacular cast.

When we taped our conversation with Beau, the questions and answers kept coming, and the chat neared an hour in length. To make room at the time, we spit the segment over two episodes. To add to your weekend listening pleasure, we proudly offer the uncut version of our soup-to-nuts story of the genesis of the U.S. version of the original British series.

Much has happened to Beau, the writers and the cast and crew of HOUSE OF CARDS since we first sat down. Right now, we imagine that Beau and his team are putting the finishing touches on the next 13 chapters of the saga of Rep. Frank Underwood and have begun turning out finished episodes from their various shooting locations in and around Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

In addition, for those who watched President Obama and Conan O’Brien cut up the audience at the 2013 dinner of the White House Correspondents Association, the bit that stole the show was the HOUSE OF CARDS story-within-fictional story that put Frank squarely in the middle of the frenetic brokering that comes with every season of NerdProm. As you listen to how Beau helped hatch the show along with Spacey, David Fincher, Eric Roth, Joshua Donan and Dana Brunetti, have a look at how the show has so perfectly woven itself into one of This Town’s most revered social events.


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