Episode 138, with guests Doug Mills and David Shipley

Doug Mills and David Shipley are our guests this week.
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David Shipley of Bloomberg View

This week, it’s been snowing like a banshee in the Northeast U.S., but subtropical temperatures prevail in Sochi, Russia, site of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games. In the first segment of the show, we talk with Doug Mills of the New York Times, usually its photographer covering the White House, who these last few weeks has been perched in the White stuff, beaming back an amazing set of images from Rosa Khutor and other Olympic venues in what I consider the ultimate busman’’s holiday.

In the second segment, we talk with David Shipley, executive editor of Bloomberg View and the former op-ed editor of the New York Times. Back in the day – the 1990’s – David and I were colleagues in the White House, he a speechwriter for President Clinton and me the guy to created the scenes in which those speeches were delivered. The journey from journalism, to government, and back again, back first to a global institution of opinion, and now at what has to be described as a massive upstart, Bloomberg View, David Shipley joins at the bottom of the hour.

As you listen to the show, here are a few shots from Doug Mills from slopeside in Sochi:


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