The First Review for OFF-SCRIPT: “If you enjoy the TV show Veep, you’ll enjoy this book.”

Eighty-three days before OFF SCRIPT: An Advance Man’s Guide to White House Stagecraft, Campaign Spectacle, and Political Suicide hits the bookshelves, Kirkus Reviews has weighed in with the first review of the book. It’s a keeper!

Here’s part how Kirkus’s review:

Public relations executive King chronicles the rise and fall of what he calls “the Age of Optics, where playing to the camera and creating compelling imagery forces candidates far from their comfort zones.” As a former campaign advance man and director of production for presidential events at the White House, the author knows his material well, and he recounts it with irresistible detail culled from firsthand experience.

Read the rest of the review by clicking here.

And pre-order your copy today, please, by clicking here! All sales prior to the April 26 publication date count as first-week sales, a big help with cracking the bestseller lists and building initial buzz for the book.

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