Episode 6, with guest Ed Gillespie, GOP Major Domo, on the Beginning of Campaign 2012

Ed Gillespie is our interview guest this week.
Show produced by Katherine Caperton
Original Air Date: April 16, 2011 on SiriusXM Satellite Radio “POTUS” Channel 124.  Click above to listen.

On this episode of Polioptics on XM Sirius Satellite Radio, President Obama has formally announced his candidacy for reelection, this one begun like the last one ended, with an online video intended to re energize a younger generation of voters to do for him in 2012 what they did in 2008.

In Chicago, the New York Times runs a longish feature on campaign manager Jim Messina, with artwork showing him standing in front of now-empty-soon-to-be-bustling-like-a-war-room office space that serves as his reelection headquarters.

But will it be enough?  We talk to former RNC Chairman and republican strategist Ed Gillespie about the burgeoning field of challengers.  Later, we look back to 2004 for lessons about how an unknown candidate named Wesley Clark briefly went viral.  What lessons are there to learn for today’s crop of candidates, and what new tools of digital campaigning will be at their disposal?

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